Founded by Jeremy in 2008, Help-Portrait is a global community of photographers coming together across the world to use photography to give back to people in need. Click to read more and learn how you can get involved.


Jeremy traveled to Rwanda in August 2011 with filmmaker Laura Waters Hinson to document survivors and perpetrators of the 1994 Rwandan genocide who have reconciled and are living life together peacefully in the same community. Similarly, the portraits in this series capture the survivors of the genocide standing with the killers of their families, whom they’ve now forgiven.


Jeremy traveled to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti just days after the devastating earthquake rocked Haiti in 2010. His mission was simple: to give people art supplies and let them express their thoughts by writing them on found rubble nearby. Click to see the essay…


In 2008, Jeremy traveled to 17 Countries and 6 Continents in 3 months with the Passion World Tour. Jeremy’s images capture both the diverse beauty of the worlds major cities as well as the faces of an emerging generation seeking to live for what matters most.


“The Poor Will Be Glad” is Jeremy’s 2nd book that he photographed overseas in various countries for Hope International. This eminently practical book shows how ordinary people can help fight poverty around the world. Focusing on proven initiatives such as microfinance and employment-based solutions, the authors, Peter Greer and Phil Smith, outline specific steps we can take in leading the charge against spiritual and physical poverty.


“Hope in the Dark” is Jeremy’s first book and was photographed on his first trip overseas to Africa in 2005. In this book, Jeremy documents the hope and pain of Africa’s AIDS generation – a generation beset by poverty and fear, a generation in which children in some countries are more likely to die of AIDS than not. But despite the sickening odds, Cowart captures brief glimpses of beauty, optimism and joy as he makes his way across the continent.

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