August 25, 2016 / Announcements, Social Media
Fun announcement: For nearly a year now, I've wanted to launch a social media series called "Answer and Question". Ya know, cause I don't have anything else going on. How does it work? Simple: I've already started the project with my Mom as the first subject and she has asked one question. Now I'll begin the process of finding other talented portrait p...

New Series: Portrait Q&A

August 11, 2014 / Shoots, Social Media
When I teach, I always talk about the importance of doing personal work. I could write a novel on this topic and why it's crucial for every artist to pursue. Over time, I've pursued many personal projects and to this day, they're the projects and images I'm most proud of and the things I want to tell my kids about one day. My latest is a series of portrai...

I’m not an Expert.

August 01, 2014 / Social Media
Recently, a company called EyeFi hired a marketing agency to do some research and figure out who the “Most Influential Photographers on the Internet” are. The results are here, by the way. I typically ignore these lists cause they’re all very opinionated and based on numbers or popularity and many of those numbers are false and even purchased. Bu...

Pinterest just became more Pinteresting.

July 29, 2014 / Social Media
Pinterest just became FAR more Pinteresting. (I say that jokingly btw). They added a feature that I've always wanted. There are certain artists whose work I want to follow on Pinterest. I'm not talking about their pins or their Pinterest profile or their boards. I just want to see their work, even if they don't use Pinterest. But there has always been a problem.