Photography is Hard.

June 05, 2015 / Shoots, Stories
(Before I get started, I'm not sure who took the original photo above. ESPN did not give a photo credit, only an illustration credit. Here are the credits for this beautiful illustration: Design Director: Chin Wang, Photo Director: Karen Frank, Art Director: Keir Novesky, Designer: Keir Novesky, Lettering by Joel Holland and image used by permission.) ...

10-Year Anniversary: Matt Wertz Shoot

October 09, 2014 / Shoots
10 years ago, I did a photoshoot with my friend Matt Wertz for his album "23 Places". Keep in mind, I was clueless back then. I didn't know anything about photography. My friend Darci let me borrow her medium format camera and she dialed in all the settings for me and I took the pictures. I was a full-time designer at the time and was only starting to get in...

New Work: Carrie Underwood

September 26, 2014 / Shoots
I've worked with Carrie Underwood a couple times in the past but until now, I had never shot an album cover for her. Today she announced both her new single, "Something in the Water" and also her Greatest Hits record! I'm very proud of this new shoot and I dig the shots they chose for both covers. (Trust me, many times I don't like album covers that I have s...

Johnnyswim iphone shoot

September 24, 2014 / Shoots
This week, I had the chance to do my first-ever real photoshoot with an iPhone. Granted, I've shot tens of thousands of photos with my iPhone over the years and did a whole project in Haiti with my iPhone 4S... but I've never done a commercial portrait photoshoot, using an iPhone only. So Monday, I got to shoot my friends JOHNNYSWIM. If you're not familia...