Love Letters from Strangers

May 25, 2015 / Philosophy
A friend of mine told a story the other day about a man whose goal in life was to get love letters from strangers. Specifically, he wanted to get a job to work on a product that would help people, so they, in turn, would write thank you letters to him. He just wanted to be thanked for what he did. It struck me because I realized that’s my life ...

Stumbling Forward

August 04, 2014 / Philosophy
Most people see me as a “professional”… as someone who is smart, who has their act together or as someone who knows what they’re doing all the time. This makes me laugh. Growing up, I never thought I could do anything, especially when it came to computers or cameras. I took one photography class in college and on a ABCDF scale, I made a D. ...

Art School: To Go or Not To Go?

July 30, 2014 / Philosophy
Yesterday I posted this tweet and it stirred up some interesting conversations. A couple people asked me for some extended thoughts on this topic. So here ya go. I get emails all the time from high school students asking about what they should study, what  cameras to buy, where they should go to school, etc. As I said above, I think if you're going to...

Photographers are Car Dealers

October 31, 2013 / Philosophy
Photoshoots are kind of like cars. Photographers are kind of like car dealerships. People often want me to take their photos for cheap, thinking it will look like the expensive photos I take. They think I just sell cars and that all cars are the same. But sometimes I sell Ferrarris and sometimes I sell Hondas. My ferrari has room in the budget f...