Triptik Studio

January 28, 2015 / Announcements
Photo Jan 21, 1 14 08 PM
Big news! I have a new photo studio! This is exciting because my previous studio was a shared space and never truly felt like my studio. So therefore I never really promoted it, etc. But now I finally have my own true space to call home. But the bigger news is it's available to rent to you! Business meetings, small events, video shoots, photoshoots... it...

New Website, New Direction

July 21, 2014 / Announcements
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For my entire career, I've targeted my website towards my clients... an extensive portfolio, a simple about page and a contact page. That's the norm for most photography websites and is still a great route to go. But I've recently realized that probably 2% of my overall website traffic consists of clients and/or potential clients. So what about that other...