Announcing: See University


If any of you follow me on social media or subscribe to my mailing list, you know by now that I’ve launched a little endeavor called “See University“. What is it? Well, in short, it’s a video-vault of videos… we literally filmed everything I know to date. 75 videos have been released so far with tons more in the can, that will be released over time. And by the way registration/enrollment is limited. In fact, it closes this Tuesday night, March 17th. So be sure to signup if you’re interested!

Here’s the promo trailer:

Over the years, I’ve received 3 types of emails:

1. Can we grab coffee?

2. Can I come watch or assist on a shoot?

3. Can I watch you work in Photoshop?

All 3 of these questions have been answered in SeeU. In fact, I even have specific categories for those requests.

But why? Why would I teach everything I know?

Watch the video below. It answers that exact question…

Not sold yet? Here are some testimonials from actual users so far…




Again, enrollment ends Tuesday night, March 17th. Be sure to signup!


I missed for enrollment, when is enrollment going to be available again?. I really want to get in the program.

Jeremy Meier
Jeremy Meier

The thing is, photography like any other at form flourishes when more and more people get involved... there are no secrets, so sharing with people is the best thing someone can do. I'd much rather know that someone felt I changed their world by teaching them something valuable for nothing than thinking how great it was to make a few dollars. People and community are the real name of the game and the wealthiest people in the world are surrounded with friends and family, not money....

Mark Aycock
Mark Aycock

Crazy how selfish people have become with their gifts/talent. Why wouldn't you share everything you know is the better question. What good is your gift if you use it up and it dies with you? The only way anybody knows anything is that people took the time to teach someone else. Isn't that what a gift/talent is for, to impact others, not yourself

Stephanie Pruett Beard
Stephanie Pruett Beard

What an amazing gift you are providing for photographers! I learned everything I know about photography from your amazing brother he was my "professor" as he called himself! He was going to sing for us and shoot our wedding last November and we sure missed him being there!!


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